Connectivy Grants

The Old Chalk New Downs Project is offering conservation grants of up to £10,000 for capital work proposals that contribute to securing habitat connectivity and improving access across the project area.  We are keen to support capital work for enhancement and management of chalk grassland, hedges and ponds. If you have a project idea and would like to apply for the grant please email: or call William Moreno on 03000 410348

Connectivity Grant Objectives

  • The project has the following objectives:
  • To re-connect and restore chalk grassland and allied downland habitats by addressing management along the scarp between Kemsing Down and Detling Hill.
  • To encourage appropriate use of chalk downland for better enjoyment, by changing perceptions and addressing negative behaviours such as environmental crime.
  • To reconnect people with the historic and current landscape by exploring people’s values and perceptions of the chalk downland heritage.
  • To enable and support organisations involved in spatial planning to make better informed decisions that will encourage and maintain habitat connectivity

What Can the Connectivity Grant Fund?

The grant could fund habitat projects that include any of the following: 

  • Fencing to secure long-term grazing management of chalk grassland 
  • Installation of a water supply to secure long-term grazing management of chalk grassland
  •  Pond creation and management
  • Hedge planting, or restoration to improve habitat connectivity.
  • Top soil inversion, top soil removal for creation of wildflower meadows
  • Creation of scrapes
  • Scrub clearance management on chalk grassland;

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